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Protect your business from adverse financial impact arising from your construction and installation projects no matter what stage they are in, as well as the machines and equipment used for the projects.

Main Cover

Tailor-made products for the construction industry.
Cover on all-risk basis.
Specialized team of engineers available to help in the implementation of risk management measures.
Cover can be designed according to the specific needs of the project.
Covers legal liabilities to third parties arising out of the performance of the contract.
Optional extensions can be tailored to suit your individual needs.
Specifically designed for electronic equipment with additional options to cover external data, media and increased costs of working.
Suitable for your business, no matter your type of trade and size of operations.
Multiple locations can be covered under one policy.
• Comprehensive cover for operational machinery whilst working or at rest and/or during overhauling and relocation within the premises.
Specially designed policy to cover accidental damage to plants, equipment and machineries for operational failure, unforeseen conditions, operational negligence, etc.
Optional extensions to cover machinery loss of profits and breakdown, can be easily adapted to the specific features of a risk.
Cover for plant and equipment whilst working or at rest, specially designed to cover accidental damage to plant, equipment and machineries for all accidental and unanticipated eventualities including negligence except mechanical and electrical failures.
Suitable for your business, no matter your type of trade and size of operations.
Optional extensions to cover strikes, riots and civil commotion or Act of God perils, claims preparation costs, 72-hours clause, on account payment, errors and omissions, theft by hirer, waiver of subrogation and on loss payee.

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