Drive the Change


Our business is to protect people for the long term. Corporate responsibility is to demonstrate that, through our actions, we deserve the trust of our stakeholders.


Our Approach


At GIG, we believe that in order to protect the moments that matter most for our employees, customers and communities, we need to work together to continuously grow stronger. This means sharing our passion, knowledge, perspectives and experiences to create an environment where every voice matters and where diversity is celebrated. By taking responsibility for our actions, and encouraging each other to fulfil our potential, we are able to make a difference every day. 

Our Key Focus Areas


We leverage our business to help the world be better prepared to face climate risk, contribute to a greener/safer environment and taking tactical measures to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Physical & Mental Wellbeing

We partner with our customers to promote healthy lifestyles and develop their health prevention measures, with screenings and check-ups to help them track their health.

Individual & Community Development

We foster a leadership culture and accompany our people to unleash their confidence and help them achieve their goals, grow, increase and share knowledge through workshops, tools and programmes.


We aspire to empower people to do the right thing, support vulnerable populations, work towards a more inclusive world and support charities and social initiatives that focus on giving back to society.

Through such initiatives, corporate funding and more, we ensure that GIG’s commitment to corporate social responsibility stays strong

and that all employees receive the opportunity and encouragement to give back to society.