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What you need to report a claim

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Claim Submission Procedures

  • For Medical emergencies, contact us immediately via to ensure quick coverage confirmation with the medical provider and to receive our prior approval and indication on the procedure to follow. 
  • In case of theft, you should provide a written proof from the Police at your destination stating the incident and the stolen items.
  • In case of baggage delay, you should get a letter/report from the Airline confirming the delay and delivery date/time of the baggage.
  • You can always contact our claims department on 800 116 0020

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Travel Smart Claim Form

Travel Claim

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Please make sure to have clear scans/photos of the receipts and any other documentation, if applicable.

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If you are unable to submit your travel claim online, please attach hard copies
of the documents mentioned in Step 1 and send them to us along with your complete
and signed travel claim form, using the below methods: